Where to buy Japanese products as business?

B2B Proposals

As you have found our website, you probably know what you like to buy here and import. However, as your references, here is some website you can buy as B2B wholesale price.

Super Delivery is famous one as a wholesale price store. They have an English, Thailand, Korean, and Chinese website. Their system is just like Costco. You have to pay the account fee yearly to keep your account alive in order to purchasing goods there. It costs JPY 2,000 yen per year.

They have really wide variety of products such as fashion, household goods, food/sweets/beverages/liquor, furniture, electrical appliances, and fixtures / store materials. If you like, we can buy products from them and if you need to buy multiple products on the web, we can consolidate them to ship to you.

Another similar website is

Net Sea is also famous one as a wholesale price web store. Some of the goods there really move fast. Also, you don’t have to pay account fee on this website. There are some Chinese basis companies selling products on the web and some of them ship products from China once you place an order.

These above 2 websites are famous website you can buy wholesale price products. There are tons of website similar to these website. However, from our point of view, because you can buy from one product there, it is not really wholesale price. If you would like to try to sell Japanese products as trial, it can be workable, but if you would like to purchase bulk products to have inventories, then you probably need to more mark up and we can help to source the real wholesaler.

If you need to find out real wholesaler, please ask us to source them.