Buying Imabari & Senshu TOWELS

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There are 2 kinds of big name in Japanese quality towels.

The one is called Imabari towel.

They have more than 120 years history, leading industry and are known as the mecca of towel production in Japan. The softness and great water absorbency are well known for the Imabari towels and they have been recognized around the world today.

The Imabari towel has their own quality inspection rule. For instance, there is called the five-second rule. In order to qualify the Imabari inspection, the towel has to sink within 5 seconds once it is placed on water. There are more than 200 factories making yarn in Imabari, Ehime today.

Another famous towel is called Senshu towel. According to their statement, the Senshu towel is the original birthplace of towel industry in Japan. They have more than 130 years history. One of their unique technic is called “Ato-Sarashi.” The Ato-Sarashi means in the process of bleaching and cleaning the fabric, it normally get done before the sewing process, but the senshu towel would get done after the production completed and they call the process as “Ato-sarashi.”

The Senshu towel is also well known for the softness and great water absorbency.

Both of them are really high quality towel representing Japanese quality brands.

We have been already researching many of these website in Japanese. Then, we have found factories, accepting manufacturing OEM products which means they make towels with your own label.

Please let us know if you have any interests to deal with them.