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A Japanese word “Kaitsukeya” means person who buy over-sea products for you. Another word is like “Handyman” or “Jack of all trades” in trading business.

Hokushin,ltd. d.b.a. “” specializes in B2B buying, purchasing, OEM & ODM supporting service in Japan including researcing, negotiating, sharing, and communicating with you. We also offer proxy shopping service as B2C basis as well.

We do simple. We research to source what you are looking for in Japan, negotiate with the suppliers, buy or manufacture merchandises on your budget price and ship to your countries.

This website is not fancy and not designed for automated service way, but we think the most important thing is because every customer has different demand, we take those seriously to serve one by one basis to fulfill all of the desires.

Unlike other same type of agents here, we are basically Japanese who are native Japanese speakers, can speak English, and have experience of working in Japan for many years, so we really know well about Japanese way of business and also are good at researching and negotiating in Japanese way.

Our English may not be good as the native speakers, but we believe it can easily overcome any difficulties if both of us have same motivation and passion to charge head toward our business success. Please give us a chance and we will try our best to make you relieved.

The quick researching are all free, so please contact us first if you have any questions.

Please feel free to contact us first by using following form. We will get back to you a.s.a.p. If you don’t hear from us within next 48hr., please re-send the message. We basically reply you really soon right after you send us.