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Who are we?

Thanks for finding here. I am Hiro Imai and a director of this company.

The company, Hokushin, ltd., was founded in 1945 by my grand father, mainly manufacturing and selling precision machine tools and machinery parts in Tokyo. The family owned small business company changed the type of industry into importing business in 2000.

We have started importing Hawaiian Hula (dance) supplies such as the costumes and the instruments as well as resort apparels, and accessories and become the retailer and wholesaler.

Initially we imported all items from Hawaii, but every time we visited Hawaii for business, we found not so many items were actually made in Hawaii and mostly those items were made in South-east Asia. So we thought if we could make our original items there, we would be able to cut the middle cost and make higher profit margin.
We are now manufacturing our own label as MuuMuuMama in US, Indonesia, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam and Thailand. For example, we currently manufacture own fabric not only to make resort dresses, but also to make T-shirts or cut & sewn apparels in Bangladesh.

Also, I personally love surfing and skateboarding, so we opened up skateboard shop called SK8Boarders and started importing the skateboard items from US, Europe, Taiwan, Brazil, and China.

As we work in this area more seriously, we have started getting many inquiries from companies or individuals in Japan to support their importing. We are currently supporting our customer who import medical wigs from Indonesia. We sourced the factory in Indonesia and negotiated with them. Currently almost every month our client place an order and we deal with the factory to manufacture the original designed items. We also make original skateboards in US on behalf of our client in Japan.

And now all sudden our world has changed and started suffering physically and economically from the worst virus, COVID-19 and we all have difficulties to cross boarders.

We have been thinking what we can do now in this situation and came up some idea that because we are here in Japan, we can support for those who are currently doing business with Japan or willing to start business with Japan, but having difficulties to come over here physically.

Please think us as your reps in Japan. We can also be like your “Handyman” or “Jack of all trades” in Japan. If you wish to start any business with Japan and need someone to support you, please let us know. We will be really grad to work for you.

The best regards,

Hiro Imai / Director
Hokushin, ltd.

Company Information

Company NameHokushin,ltd.
AddressB-s12, 3-14-16 Ichikawa-Minami, Ichikawa, Chiba, Japan
Zip code: 272-0033
C.E.O.(Ms.) Imai. Noriyo
Director(Mr.) Imai. Hirotaka
CaptalJPY10,000,000 yen

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Hiro Imai

Born and raised in Chiba, Japan. After graduating from Meiji University in Tokyo, he moved to San Diego, California, USA and got a certification of entrepreneurship program at Mira Costa College. As he could get a working permit visa in the US after finishing the program at the college, he got hired from a freight forwarding company. he lived in the US for 7 years and this was how he learned English. He is such a sport-minded guy and likes to play Ice Hockey and go surfing.