B2C Proxy Shopping

SENSOU Temple, Asakusa, Tokyo

What is the proxy shopping service?

Let’s say you want to have some snacks in Japan and also some t-shirts in Japan. We buy them in different locations and ship them together to you

Our proxy shopping service offers to ship any items you want not only from Japanese web stores, but also physical stores in Japan.

Please think as we are your “Handyman” or “Jack of all trades,” specialized in buying goods in Japan.

Snacks at Japanese Super Market Photo

We buy any products as your requests such as arts, antique, clothing, apparel, packaged food and snack, tea, kimono, textile, obi, machinery parts, auto mobile, vehicle parts and etc… However, we can not ship some certain item such as fresh food, weapon and any products such as under Washington convention or conventioin on Internatinational trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora.

Agent Service Fee

Our Basic service fee is 10% on the buying price of products (FOB Price).

Here is the whole picture of the cost you may have to pay as the Total Cost;
Item Price + Bank transfer fee & Domestic Shipping fee + Agent Service Fee (10%) + EMS: Oversea Shipping Fee (we can also ship Fedex or DHL)+ Paypal Fee 5% = Total Cost
*If your item has to be picked up at some certain location, we try to do our best to pick up the item. However, we might have to charge you for the transpotation fee.
*Minimum Agent Service Fee is minimum JPY1000 or 10% of Item Price.
*Customs and import duties in your country, all local sales taxes etc.
*Our fees are for simply redirecting items to you. For your extra handling services such as extra protection, re-packing or double packing, etc. please request a quotation before you place an order.

Cup Ramens at Japanese Super Market

At the Customs, some countries may charge customs, import duties, customs clearance fees, etc. against what you have bought. You are responsible to pay all those customs and other taxes, so please pay the required amount directly to the carrier. Please refer to the Customs at where you live for detailed policies about customs and other taxes.

What is New? Our Work Achievement & Proposal Products

Here you can check our previous work achievement and also products we are currently offering. Please feel free to contact us for anything, at anytime. Thanks.

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Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us first. We will get back to you a.s.a.p. If you don’t hear from us within next 48hr., please re-send the message. We basically reply you really soon right after you send us.

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