Japanese Apparels / Clothing Wholesalers

B2B Proposals

Because of our Hawaiian hula (dance) business, we know many apparel / clothing wholesalers and manufacturers in Japan. There are several clothing wholesale towns in Tokyo such as “Bakurochou” or “Nippori” town. While one area is specialized in fabrics, another area is wide variety of apparels. Some of the products are imported from the other countries such as China, Korea, or Vietnam, but there are certain products made in Japan as well.

As you may know, Okayama, the southern part of Japan, is well-know for denim fabrics made from cotton. I personally know many of over-sea brands are using the cotton fabrics imported from Japan. We can find out the source if you need.

Also, some of the folks think Japan is famous for “cos-players” which mean people who dress in costume as a manga (comic) character. We can also source these wholesalers as well if you need.

Are you looking for Kimono or Yukata which are Japanese traditional clothings? If so, I have several friends running Kimono stores in Kyoto and Tokyo.

What else are you looking for? Please ask us first if you are looking for something. I am sure I can help you out.

Thanks for reading.

Hiro Imai